2023 update
Fimmtudagur, Desember 28, 2023
Ups and downs
Yet another return to abnormality..
Fimmtudagur, Nóvember 18, 2021

As the number of Covid cases in Iceland is skyrocketing, Collective has fallen back to 'working from home'. A lot of work is ahead of us regarding getting back on track with writing and recording material, as well as the other stuff that comes with this business, for example promotion.


Heading Forward
Sunnudagur, Október 3, 2021

We have been working individually from home to make the most of the situation that has arisen in the last year.

All concerts were cancelled and all travel and touring was out of the question. 

Currently, restrictions are being lifted and travel is possible again, due to the fact that Icelanders are incredibly open to vaccination and the precautions that are required to prevent spreading this dangerous virus.