Collective is a 'think-tank' of musicians with extremely diverse backgrounds, from metal to ambient to jazz, these guys have pretty much been all over.  In August 2013, during a coffee session with the guitar in hand and some strange ideas in their heads, they finally decided to do something with their creations and form a band.  

The bands debut album, titled 'We will never write songs about pick-up trucks, ho's or how extremely rich we are', which contained 10 original songs, among those the country based rap-metal hit 'My ho and my million $ pick-up truck', and the massive metal hit 'We're only in it for the money' was never recorded and therefor never released. 

Collectives members have described their music as 'pretty hard to describe'. Progressive metal punk with symphonic disco elements, naming for example 'Tears for fears', 'Wham' and 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' as their influences. 

In 2017 the bands first single, titled Loathe! was published on digital media. Soon there after the band stepped into the studio and started recording 9 more songs that were published along with a 'revamped' version of Loathe! on their first full-length album titled 'Truth Awaking'. 

The original lineup of Collective is:  
  • Björn Þór Jóhannsson - Guitars & bagpipes
  • Bragi Bragason - Guitars & lute
  • Jónas Steinsson - Vocals & triangle
  • Stefán Örn Sveinsson - Drums & percussion
  • Árni Þráinsson - Bass & accordion
In the spring of 2019 the original drummer for the band, Stefán Örn Sveinsson, left the band and following a strenuous tryout period one of Icelands best metal drummers, Kristján B Heiðarsson joined Collective. 

During the great big Covid summer of 2020 Árni Þráinsson, the bassist, left the band and one of the most prevalent metal bassists in Iceland, Magnús Halldór Pálsson (Maddi) joined the lineup.

In 2022 Björn Þór Jóhannsson, one of the founding members of Collective decided to call it quits to focus on other projects.

The current lineup of Collective is:   
Bragi Bragason - Guitars & bagpipes
Jónas Steinsson - Vocals & tin whistle
Kristján B Heiðarsson - Drums, percussion & washboard
Magnús Halldór Pálsson - Bass & lute

Work on a new Collective album is ongoing.